Long Beach Theosophical Conference 2002 — The Conference

Long Beach Theosophical Conference August, 2002

This was the Eighth Annual Theosophical Gathering in California. It had been held in Cambria and Brookings in previous years.

It started with an invitation to attend the Long Beach Theosophical Center and Library (3217 South Street, North Long Beach, California) for the Friday evening class on August 9.

On Saturday, there were informal gatherings at the Seaport Marina Hotel, followed by a series of programs in the evening. Video recordings and an edited transcript of one of these programs follow.

The Conference ended Sunday with an invitation to attend the theosophical classes at the United Lodge of Theosophists in downtown Los Angeles, followed by a potluck lunch and informal gatherings.

Edited Transcripts

[Theosophy and Buddhism]


[Opening of the Conference] [Theosophy and Buddhism] [Tarot Revisioned] [Relevance of the Objects]

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